Custom Commerce App Features:

Member Directory

With the member directory feature, users have access to every member directory at their fingertips. The member directory is a great way for users to be aware of all the members in their area.


The events feature lists out all of the current events that are happening in your area. It is updateable and has push notifications so the user will be reminded of these important events even if they forget to check the app.

OCV Standard Features:

About Us

The about us is one of the standards of an app, this is an easy to add/update text field. Typically this might describe the history of your organization or something unique that you are known for. This is updateable in a dynamic fashion through our control blog.

Rss News Feed

Many organizations already utilize 1 or more blogs to update their users on topics of interest. If your existing blog has an “RSS” feed, we can likely intercept this feed and pull it into the app. If you do not have an existing blog or are not tied to one specific blog location, OCV will set you up with your own blog on our system. Updates to a blog are automatically pushed out to your app.


A up to date calendar of events is almost always helpful to your users. OCVapps will easily integrate with your Google calendar. Other calendars with RSS feeds may easily integrate as well. If you do not have one, we can help you get your own google calendar setup at no additional cost.


Youtube? Vimeo? Whatever online platform you already use for hosting your video(s), we can integrate with your app. If you do not have a preferred host location, OCV can setup you up with one of our flagships services, OCVmedia. This is a premium service that you can easily take advantage of.

Social Media Integration

If you have an online presence with facebook, twitter, youtube, or other sites like linkedin, OCV can work with you to tie social media into your app. This allows your users to gain quick and easy access to all of your social media information, directly from your app.


This feature allows you to host audio files on your app. For businesses, this is a toll that allows you to podcast news or even tips to clients and potential clients, for churches this could be sermon podcasting. There are many possibilities for the podcast feature of an OCVapp.

Notes (Meetings, News, etc.)

Whether your organization has a meeting of 5 or 5,000, the ability to have note taking ability from your app can be a great benefit to any meeting. Whether it be taking notes at a conference or city council meeting, this feature will put a notepad in your hands with the ability to save notes directly on your organization’s app.


Integrating your photos into your app is easy to do. Flickr, Picasa or many of the other online photo sharing platforms integrate nicely with the use of their independent “RSS” feeds. We can help you setup a photo hosting site. We prefer Picasa but we can help you setup your free or premium account on another platform.

Message Notifications

Are you familiar with Push Notifications? Push notifications push out messages mobile apps. Most new messages are greeted with an alarm. Many users prefer not to have alarms going off due to new messages. The message notification system simply “flags” your users that a new message is available within the app. At their next opportunity, the user will be made aware of new updates within the app.

Live Streaming

If you are already streaming live video content, we can integrate with most platforms. Typically the live stream is simply a “web view” link that takes the user out of the app and into the web browser. If you do not have a live stream location, OCV can setup you up with one of our flagships services, OCVlive. This is a premium service that you can easily take advantage of.


What better way to show someone how to get your location than giving them directions? This feature allows anyone with your app to find your organziation on the map and even get their phone’s GPS to navigate them there.

Dynamic Slideshow

This feature was developed so that you can give a basic look into the life of your organization. This dynamic slideshow allows you to control the images that your users will see when they visit your app. By using an outside photo source, OCV can create a slideshow for you that you could update everyday if you 'd like.

Web Links

Keep all content connected by providing web links on your app. This could be anything from a website link, to a donate link or a FAQ page from your website. The possibilities of connectivity between your web presence and your app presence are endless.

In App Advertising

If your organization has interest in promoting other messages from other organizations within your app, you can have OCV work with you to have advertisers promoted within your app. Example: If you are a non-profit and you have organizations that sponsor your non-profit, you can extend value to your sponsors by working with OCV to include advertisements from your sponsors.

Online Donations

We work with organizations that may require contributions from the general public. We can build access to your online giving/donations page on your existing website. The app would send users to your existing service. An easy to add service that can help your appeal to the mobile bankers.

Custom Graphics

Our team of developers and graphic designers will work with you to make your app look just the way you would like. Most organizations prefer to make their app graphics look similar to their website to preserve their "brand." Every app that we build is build custom to match the look and feel of your website, or any other look that you might be going for.

Custom Features

Have an idea of a feature for your app and you don't see it in this list of features? Just ask about creating a new feature specific for your app. If the feature falls within app regulations for each app store, we will do our best to include it into your app.